Excess Material Return Letter

How do you complain about goods received in excess and ask for refund from supplier? This is the sample excess material return letter :

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Recipient Name
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Dear Recipient Name:

We have received our consignment in time and thank you for prompt execution of our order. However, on opening the consignment, we found that it contained 120 dozen paint brushes and 150 dozen security padlocks, far in excess to our order.

We had ordered only for 20 dozen of paint brushes and 50 dozen security padlocks and you have charged us for triple amount for the items. You have sent the rest of the hardware items per our order.

Perhaps the mistake must have occurred while collecting the various items for our consignment. In a normal course, we would ask you to send us a new bill for the items in excess, but our present requirement of these two items is sufficient that we are sorry not to ask for a new bill. We don’t feel it prudent to block the money and space for this surplus stock.

Pending your instruction as to how these items should be returned to you, we are holding these items supplied in excess.


Your Name

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