Computer Hardware Problem

Dear Jerry,

As I explained on the phone, the problems we have been having with the operation of the CPT-8510 are threefold:

1.The text on the screen jiggles and sometimes fades when the operator is typing at the same time the Rotary VII Printer is in operation. This variation suggests a loose internal connection that may be subject to vibration when the printer is running off copies.

2. If we want to erase an entire disk, we have to do it one page at a time. The “0.5” code does not function for more than one page. This is very time consuming. Is it possible that there is a different erase code in our system?

3. The Alphanumeric Sort has trouble alphabetizing lists that are more than 100 lines in length,

If your technician has any questions, I expect toe be here from about 11 A.M. until 5 P.M. the rest of the week.


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