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How to respond to a complaint when the customer is wrong? Below is example reply to customer complaint regarding poor convention :

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One of my convention committee associates relayed to me your comments that the housing plans for our firm’s session seem to be “much inferior” to those that were arranged for the participants last year. I must state here and now that you are absolutely right. The plans are second rate. But please don’t place the blame on the shoulders of the committee. When we were given our budget for the meetings, our treasurer’s housing allowance per participants was 23 percent lower than last year. Add to that the fact that the room rates at the Lodge are 11 percent higher than they were 12 months ago.

With a percentage cutback equaling 34 percent, how could you expect more luxurious accommodations? Maybe we should cut the liquor budget. Or the food budget. Or get there by bus instead of by jet. Our company committee is stretching things as best we can.


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