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I am relocating to the Chicago area and am exploring new career opportunities as a senior corporate tax
consultant and/or business development strategist in tax consulting. My goal is to affiliate with either a “Big
Four” accounting and tax consulting firm or a major corporate entity where I can lead and/or co-manage a tax
division. Tax consultants will be integral strategists in the profitable growth of complex corporate entities in today’s
environment. If you have need for a senior corporate tax consultant with expertise in new business development, we should meet.

Throughout my career, I have developed

  •  Expertise in corporate tax and compliance to enhance shareholder value through heightened profitability.
  •  Comprehensive tax solutions that impact corporate tax rates and reduce federal, state and local liabilities
    in an increasingly complex tax environment.
  •  Talent for new business development and relationship building with corporate executives, facilitating
    partnerships and opportunities never before attempted.

As Co-Chair of the Mid-America Tax Conference and frequent speaker on multistate tax matters, I am recognized
nationally for my expertise in corporate tax solutions. I have been instrumental in the origination of a highly
profitable business development program for tax consulting achieved through motivational leadership blended with sound corporate tax and strategic thinking. My challenge was to expand and strengthen the firm’s presence through the introduction of new business initiatives to win competitive positioning and accelerate revenue growth. I spearheaded the implementation of such a program through the company nationwide. Throughout my career, I have brought absolute value to the firm’s current and long-term business objectives.

With strong communication and presentation skills, I thrive in fast-paced, high-visibility environments that require
innovative leadership and decisive action. I have the ability to capture the attention of a variety of audiences.

My resume is enclosed for your review. If you are looking for a senior corporate tax specialist who will make an
immediate and positive impact on your revenue streams, I would welcome a personal interview to discuss how my
qualifications would benefit your firm. I will call later this week to set up an interview. Thank you for your


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