Declining Employment – Company

Dear Robert,

I was sorry to hear that Ciscon Sys has gone bankrupt and you are consequently out of work. But, despite Ciscon’s demise, the electronics field is strong and steady and I have no doubt you’ll land a good job – probably better than the one that folded. I wish we could offer you the sales position here that was advertised in the Straits Times. But our board instituted a very firm policy five years ago that we would not knowingly hire relatives and close friends of any of our managers. So if I were to break that rule, as CEO of the company, I’d face a rebellion by all other managers who wanted to hire relatives and friends. I won’t go into the details, but the policy has helped avoid some internal problems ever since it went into effect.

Enclosed is a copy of the current issue of Electronics. It has a classified career section that might provide leads.

With very best wishes,

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