Letter Taking up A Reference For Senior Manager Design And Development

Dear Sir,

We are considering Mr. James for the post of Senior Manager Design and Development in our company. The job involves design support for existing products and to develop modified and new products to meet customer’s needs. It also involves coordination with various departments with references to international quality certification.

Mr. James has given your names as a reference while applying for this post. I would be most obliged if you can give forth your frank opinion about his skills, abilities, and experience about designing, development and modifications of engineering tools etc. I understand that he worked in your company for about 5 years from 2010 to 2015.

I would like to know whether his services with you have been fully satisfactory and result-oriented, and whether you consider him fit and qualified for the present responsibilities in a large organization like ours.

The information given will be treated strictly confidential. I am enclosing a stamped and self-addressed envelop for your convenience.

Yours faithfully,

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