Acknowledging Verbal Agreement

Dear Mr. Molson,

This will confirm our telephone conversation of last Wednesday, in which you requested that Alder & Alder assign an attorney proficient in environmental law and maritime codes to negotiate your contract with the Coastal Commission. It is our understanding that the contract will be drawn up solely for the design, construction, and installation of tide retainers along the South Narrows Inlet. As you explained, it is vital for your firm and the government supervisors to be in perfect agreement on all specifications and materials from the outset, to avoid the kinds of problems that in the past have plagued contractors in coastal areas that are environmentally fragile and sensitive to man-made incursions.

Our candidate for this assignment is Arthur, an attorney who has been with our firm for 13 years, has always specialized in environmental law, and has never negotiated an offshore or onshore contract that had to be revised after the initial planning stage was underway.

I have taken the liberty of asking Arthur to send you his professional resume, to assure you that his qualifications are without question. At the same time, he will provide a checklist of the ten most sensitive strictures and conditions that must be resolved in order to prepare a foolproof contract that will stand up in court and against the most aggressive conservationists, should any part of the project come under public scrutiny.

Thank you for selecting Alder & Alder for this noteworthy and much-needed project. You have my personal pledge that you and your associates will be pleased with the result.


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