How Do You Write A Strongly Worded Letter Of Complaint About Your Boss?

How do you write a strongly worded letter of complaint about your boss?

Sometimes, we may need to challenge a supervisor’s performance appraisal, especially when we think it lacks merit. Often such performance evaluations affect your chances of future promotion, and the assessment assigned to you by an unfair supervisor can follow you around for a long time. There is a technique to challenging a supervisor’s professional evaluation, and this letter is a model.

RE: Formal Rebuttal of Supervisor’s Evaluation

Your Name
Company Name
Street Address
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Recipient Name
Organization Name
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To Whom It May Concern:

As a hard-working and loyal employee of the ABC Company for the past seven years, I, Your Name, wish to offer a rebuttal to the Satisfactory rating I received on my most recent quarterly performance evaluation, and I wish to appeal the rating. I desire that the Satisfactory rating be changed to an Excellent rating. I strongly feel I deserve the Excellent rating. When I worked in District #3 for the company before my reassignment to District #2 six months ago, my managerial and customer service skills were consistently rated Excellent. They have not changed.

My customer service skills are excellent.

My customer service skills are Excellent instead of Satisfactory, as I was rated. Throughout each day and all year long, I greet all customers with a smile and pride myself on doing my part to assure that each customer has a happy day. At no time on my shift have I ever had a customer complaint. I disagree with the supervisor’s rating that my customer service skills are Satisfactory and “in need of improvement.”

I am serious with my work, and always provide the best personal experience and professional service for our customers.

My managerial skills are excellent.

My managerial skills have never been formally tested to determine if they need improvement, and I feel that the “in need of improvement” rating is incorrect and will impede my ability to rise into higher management ranks in the company.

As an assistant manager, I have certainly tried to make suggestions and recommendations that would improve profitability. However, it has been my experience that the
assistant manager’s opinion is frequently ignored. On my initiative throughout 2021, I made numerous suggestions which I believe would have improved our profitability while eliminating slow-moving stock. For example, one of my first suggestions, after I was reassigned to District #2, was that we evaluate all vendors’ products to identify the slow-moving items. My store manager agreed.

• The first vendor I approached about the dead stock was Woodstock. I suggested that his company take out three types of beverages that were not selling. The vendor agreed and told me he would. Later, my store manager informed me that “we did not want to be short.” I believe the vendor had gone over my head at the store level to reverse my suggestion. My attempts to change the product mix in District #2 have not been successful because my frontline management opinions have not listened to “what was moving and what was not moving.”

• On another occasion, I was blamed for a problem which I believe was a clerical error in the shipping and receiving department. I ordered merchandise and completed the correct paperwork indicating that fact. In December 2021, my store received a double shipment, and I was blamed for this error.

I offer proven management potential.

In terms of advancement potential, I feel that I would make an excellent store manager if given the opportunity. In terms of “Potential to develop” and “Initiative”— two key rated areas—I feel I should have received the highest ratings. Most of my colleagues know my willingness to work irregular hours and fill in for other employees experiencing schedule problems so that our organization can capably serve customers and maximize profitability.

I request a formal hearing.

I can only surmise that a lack of the proper amount of time needed to observe my skills and abilities was probably the main factor in my receiving a lower evaluation than I deserve from my current supervisor and store manager. Rest assured I am not criticizing my store manager or anyone else personally in writing this rebuttal. This appeal letter is to “set the record straight” so that my loyal and faithful service to the company can continue. I desire to serve the company in higher and higher levels of managerial responsibility. I respectfully request a formal hearing about this matter so that the management can question my abilities and potential and a fair evaluation made of my performance.

Your name


The final paragraph of an appeals letter can be imperative. You want to adopt as conciliatory a tone as possible because your overall aim is reconciliation and compromise. Be aware that there are many things you should NOT do in a letter of appeal: (1) You do not need to say everything you think. (2) You do not need to insult or slander anyone. (3) You do not need to come across as grumpy and irascible. Remember that you are not trying to make anyone angry in an appeals letter. It is a letter of appeal, not a letter of insult.

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