Request Letter For Comprehensive Insurance Quote

Below is sample request letter for comprehensive insurance quote :

Your Name
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Recipient Name
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Dear Recipient Name:

Please advise if you could offer a comprehensive insurance policy covering us against fire, theft, flood and accident.

We are a trading company dealing with import and export of dry and canned foodstuff and household equipment. There is a staff of thirty working on a 9 to 6 basis in a large building doubling as office and warehouse. We also have armed guards on duty round the clock.

Please consider the following when calculating the premium:

There is minimum fire risk as there is no open fire in the premises. The electrical wiring are all just two years old. The canteen uses cooking gas but it i situated away from the main building. Danger from flood is also minimum as we are situated on high ground, it would take a major flood in the surrounding areas before we are affected. There has been no case of theft for the last five years but some pilferage do occur.

Our present cover with another insurance company expires on 02 May, which is next month. We are considering changing insurance company because the present one has increased its premium which we feel is unjustified. We would appreciate it if you could send someone over and consider our case.


Your Name


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