Letter of Appreciation For Services Rendered

It is nice to take the time to thank someone for a job well done, and this customer felt so well treated that she took the time to write a letter complimenting the employees of a frequently visited entertainment spot. Here is the sample letter of appreciation for services rendered :

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Dear Recipient Name:

My name is [sender name]. I would like to let you know how well we were
treated at ABC Company, South Carolina. Our group went there for the last two weeks. We generally have a group of six to ten of us when we go. We used to go to XYZ company, but we were treated so graciously at ABC Company
that we always go there now.

The girls in the rooms are very nice, and so is the young fellow they call Alex— he goes out of his way to do everything for our group, to make sure we are happy. Then there is the man they call “Mr.James.” He is a real gentleman. He is always kidding with everyone in the place—everyone talks about how nice he is to everyone.
The atmosphere in your place is just beautiful, and the decorations are very attractive and create the feeling that your customers are “at home.” We love ABC Company and you can count on us to be your steady customers.



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