Sales Letter Announcing A Sales Contest

Below is sample sales letter announcing a sales contest :

Interoffice Memorandum

Are you ready for a quiet weekend in Malaysia?

We hope so as we’re about to launch [Shoes Unlimited Country Inn Gateway

Every sales person on the team is eligible to win this all-expenses-paid-
gateway. The promotion begins Jan.2 and ends March 2. To win a gateway, you
must sign up six new stores for delivery of our lines.

Since Shoes Unlimited has recently started offering Web-based order tracking,
many stores have been inquiring about signing up with us. With these leads and
the ones you generate yourself, you’re on the way to Malaysia!

Here’s how the weekend will go. You will receive a voucher for a luxury rental
car, another for two nights at The Le Meridien Inn and a RM500 cash for food
and incidentals. Your and your guest will drive to the inn, enjoy the finest
country hospitality, and relax in the quiet charm of the area.]

We’ll kick off this contest at next week’s sales meeting. Think relaxing,
all-expenses-paid weekend!

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