Complaint About Wrong Statement For Items Charged Wrongly

Dear Sir,

We have just received our statement for the month of January on our charge account no.1234. The statement shows a purchase of 300 T-Shirts for US1000. We are cocksure that we did not place any such order.

The purchase was supposedly made on 3rd January, but in fact, I was not here in the city on that date. I had been on business trio for a few days to Australia and no one else was authorised to make use of this account. Therefore, we are sure there is some mistake somewhere. However, all the other items in this statement are correct and tally with our records.

I am enclosing a cheque for USD1500 for the balance amount after deducting USD1000. I shall feel favoured if you look immediately into the matter so that my account may be cleared.

Yours sincerely,

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