Complaint Letter Delivery Of Wrong Materials

Below is the sample complaint letter of delivery of wrong materials :

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Dear Recipient Name:

As a former salesman myself, I dislike to go over the head of the person who is supposedly servicing our account, particularly since your products themselves have been reliable and effective. But now the situation has reached a point where we can no longer abide it. We either resolve it immediately or look for another supplier.

The problem is a dual one. First, on the last ten orders, we received merchandise that we did not request or that has already been shipped to us. Second, the inventory lists and financial statements have been totally different from the actual shipments, making it necessary for our stockroom to double-check every incoming container.

Since phone calls and correspondence to your regional office here have failed to correct the problem, I would like to find out how we can resolve this to our mutual satisfaction and get on with our business.


Your Name



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