Application for the post of medical representative

Below is the letter of application for the post of medical representative :

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Dear Recipient Name:

With reference to your advertisement for the position of a Medical
Representative in today’s New York Times, I would like to apply for this post.

I have been seven years experience in this line as I have been selling drugs,
medicines and other pharmaceutical products in the city and neighbouring
areas. I have wide and lasting business contacts with chemists, druggists,
doctors and medical practitioners here and in other towns. At present, I
represent a reputed pharmaceutical company manufacturing tablets, capsules,
syrups and many other vital medicines. I am satisfied with my work here, but
feel that your company is offering me better financial and career opportunity,
and therefore, I seek this change.

Mr. Alex, my Managing Director has gladly consented to provide reference for
me. If you require, I would give further details about him and the company I
am serving at present, at the time of interview. I shall be happy to provide
you more references and information if you need.

It may also be mentioned that medical salesmanship is in my interest for I was
initiated in this profession by my late father who himself was a well-known
salesman of medicines and chemicals. In addition to my educational
qualification and experience, I think my family tradition in medical
salesmanship might further qualify me for this position.

I am a science graduate with distinction in Chemistry. I have also done a
course in medical salesmanship and advertising, I am 30 years of age and still
a bachelor. I fully enjoy travelling as a salesman and have an aptitude for
result-oriented jobs. There is a lot of professional drive, initiative and
acumen in me which make me so eager to be affiliated with a firm like yours
which can offer me a future matching my energies, ambition and skills.

I look forward to an early response and opportunity for an interview.


Your Name

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