Letter Requesting Time For Payment Of Rent

Dear Sir,

As you are aware, I was involved in an accident necessitating my hospitalisation and treatment for about 2 months. During this period my saloon remained closed and there was no business. Moreover, I had to pay for my hospitalisation and such other expenses. As a result of this unforeseen turn of events, I am totally unable to pay the rent for the current and the following months.

I am the only earning member in our family of seven members, and this made my financial position all the more bad.

I shall, therefore, be grateful if you allow me to delay the payments, for rent for these two months of May and June until the beginning of July when I expect to be in a position to fulfil my financial commitments.

I hope you would appreciate my difficulties and allow me this period to pay you the rent in lump sum for three months in the month of July.

With thanks and best wishes.

Yours faithfully,

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