Sales Letter Appeal To Economical Product

Below is the example of sales letter appeal to economical product :

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Dear Recipient Name:

Have you ever thought how much time your typist wastes in taking down your dictation? It can be as much as a third of time spent on writing. Why not record your dictation – our Intelligence – and she can be doing other jobs while you dictate?

You will be surprised at how little it costs. For 52 weeks in the year your Intelligence works hard for you, and you can never give it too much to do – all for less than an average month’s salary for a secretary!

The Intelligence is efficient, reliable, time-saving and economical. Back by our international reputation for reliability, it is in regular use in thousands of offices all over the country. It gives superb reproduction quality with every syllable as clear as a bell. It is unbelievably simple to use – just slip in a preloaded cassette, press a button, and it is ready to record your dictation, interviews, telephone conversations, reports, instructions or whatever.

Some of your business friends are sure to be using our Intelligence. Ask them about it before you place an order and we are sure they will back up our claims. If you prefer, return the enclosed prepaid card and we will arrange for our representative to call and arrange a demonstration for you. Just state the day and time which will be most convenient for you.


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