Sales Letter To A Satisfied Customer – Home Furnishings

Below is sample sales letter to a satisfied customer – home furnishings :

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Dear Recipient Name:

You were thoughtful to tell my sales representative that you and your customers are delighted with the colors and designs we have selected for our All-Weather tables, chairs, and accessories. We can’t wait to send you copies of our new spring catalog, which will be off the press in about three weeks. Visually, it is the most appealing catalog we have produced in our 13 years in business.

More important, though, I’d like to point out something that is all but invisible in our products, yet of great importance. Last year, our Paint and Plastic Division spent tough metallic surfacing we have named Wonder Weld. It will be featured in the catalog, along with our unconditional five-year guarantee against chipping, fading, or discoloration. That should prove to be a very favourable selling point, along with our new look in outdoor living comfort.

So thanks for your good wishes. We’ll stand behind you and your customers all the way.


Your Name


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