Useful Sentences for Letters Granting or Refusing Credit

useful sentences for letters granting or refusing credit

This chapter will share useful sentences or letters granting or refusing credit in business correspondence.

  • It is a great pleasure to welcome you as a credit customer, for your request for credit has been approved.
  • I am pleased to tell you that your application for credit has been approved.
  • We are pleased to welcome you as a preferred customer. The bank and credit references you submitted to us have been checked and we want to compliment you, because your company has an excellent credit record. We have therefore set your credit limit at $25,000 in any one month.
  • It is our pleasure to welcome your company as a credit customer of the Kleinman Corporation.
  • Because of your company’s excellent credit rating, we now have $20,000 available for you, subject to normal credit requirements.
  • Please let us know whether your company needs a higher credit limit. We are sure that we can work together and set up a schedule for gradually increasing your line of credit that will be of mutual benefit.
  • We will review your company’s credit limit, which has now been set at $15,000 after one year.
  • We are sorry to inform you that due to your current financial obligations your application for a regular charge account with Woods Department Store has been turned down.
  • We are sorry that we are unable to approve your loan application at this time.
  • We regret that we must decline your request for a six-month extension of your personal loan.
  • On the basis of the information, we have received from various credit references, we are unable to grant your company the credit requested in your application of September 15. However, should you feel that at some future date your company’s circumstances regarding a request for credit have changed, we hope that you will submit a new credit application.
  • We have carefully reviewed your company’s credit application. Since we have noticed a pattern of very slow payment as well as nonpayment in your credit history, we are sorry to report that we cannot extend credit to you.
  • Based upon your current financial responsibilities and obligations, we believe that additional credit will be difficult for your company to handle at the present time. However, when your financial situation has changed, we will be pleased to have you reapply for credit. In the meantime, we hope to serve you on a cash basis.

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