Employment letters

The correspondence you will find in this chapter will assist you get the job that will put you in a position to write lots of business letters. These employment letters include letters to land a job, letters to reject a job, and sample resumes. You will also find the letters you need if you are the one doing the hiring and firing. These letters are models you can adapt to your personal needs whether you are entry level, middle management, or experienced executive. Keep in mind that all business letters in this chapter should be written on letterhead or with proper business formatting and headings. All the letters below begin with the salutation.

  1. Testimonial 1
  2. Testimonial 2
  3. Testimonial 3
  4. Asking someone to be a referee
  5. Asking someone to write a recommendation
  6. Recommendation letter
  7. Resume 1
  8. Resume 2
  9. Job enquiry for mechanical engineer
  10. Job application for accountant
  11. Job application for trainee officer
  12. Employer asking for a reference
  13. Favorable reference
  14. Qualified reference
  15. Refusing a reference
  16. Acknowledging an application
  17. Calling for interview
  18. Job offer
  19. Accepting a job offer
  20. Appointment letter
  21. Rejecting a job offer
  22. Request for location transfer
  23. Approve transfer request of an employee
  24. Offer of promotion and transfer an employee
  25. Declining offer of transfer
  26. Warning an employee
  27. Giving final warning to an employee
  28. Dismissing an employee
  29. Requesting emergency leave
  30. Requesting annual leave
  31. Granting annual leave
  32. Granting annual leave on a later date
  33. Requesting medical leave
  34. Granting medical leave
  35. Requesting unpaid leave
  36. Granting unpaid leave
  37. Making an employee redundant
  38. Asking for increase in salary
  39. Approve increase in salary
  40. Refusing request for increase in salary
  41. Offering promotion
  42. Declining promotion offer
  43. Waiver of confidentiality
  44. Resignation letter 1
  45. Resignation letter 2
  46. Application for the post of a junior clerk
  47. Letter for an interview
  48. Resignation from an employee
  49. Negative reply to the application
  50. Recommending an employee
  51. Dismissing a clerk
  52. Testimonial from employer
  53. Offering employment
  54. Rejecting an applicant – overqualified
  55. Declining employment – company
  56. Welcoming new employees
  57. Requesting reference
  58. Introduction and recommendation
  59. Thank you for cooperation
  60. Letter taking up a reference
  61. Favorable referral letter
  62. Cautious referral letter
  63. Letter confirming offer of employment
  64. Employee’s letter of resignation
  65. Employer’s letter terminating employment – services unsatisfactory
  66. Summary dismissal
  67. Letter giving an employee one month’s notice
  68. Transfer of employee to other work
  69. Request for an increase in salary
  70. Application for the post of an accounts clerk
  71. Application for the post of medical representative
  72. Application for the post of a typist clerk
  73. Application for the post of a counter sales girl
  74. Application for the post of a food technologist
  75. Application for the post of a steno-typist
  76. Application for the post of manager bulk drugs
  77. Application for the post of a private secretary
  78. Application for the post of an accounts officer
  79. Application for the post of a sales organizer
  80. Letter Taking Up A Reference For Senior Manager Design and Development
  81. A favorable reply to the letter taking up a reference
  82. Letter requesting a reference
  83. A letter of recommendation for the position of secretary
  84. A letter of recommendation for the position of a product manager
  85. A testimonial for the position of personal secretary
  86. Letter of thanks to a referee for the post of chief executive
  87. A letter inviting for an interview for the post of a stenographer
  88. Letter confirming attendance for interview
  89. An appointment letter for the post of a traveling salesman
  90. Letter accepting the employment for the post of traveling salesman
  91. Letter Declining An Employment

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