Notice To Members About Use Of Club Facilities

What is club membership terms and conditions template? This is a sample notice to members about use of club facilities :


Recently there has been an increase in non-members coming to the club and making use of the facilities. We have had several complaints from members who were prevented from using these facilities because of these non-members.

Before the situation gets any worse, we want to remind members that non-members are not allowed into the club unless accompanied by a member. They have been many instances of non-members coming on their own and with their friends and families as well. This has got to stop. The club does not allow them to bring their friends or families as well. Also please do not make it a habit of bringing your friends. If they want to enjoy the club facilities, ask them to join up.

So be discreet when it comes to inviting your friends over. We are all adults and we should know when or when not to bring our friends. If you are not sure, the best thing to do is not to bring any non-member. Have them sign up, and they can come any time they want. Thank you.

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