Transfer of employee to other work

Dear Ms. Elaine,

As Mrs. Mark has already discussed with you, we have arranged to appoint you as Section Supervisor in the Stores Department with effect from Monday 01 September. Your salary will be USD30,000 per annum.

In your new post you will report directly to Mr. James, Storekeeper, and you will be responsible fro the work of the clerical staff employed in the department.

Yours 30 years of loyal service in the Invoice Department have been greatly appreciated by the management, and we are sorry that it is necessary to move you from a department with which are so familiar. Our only reason for doing so is that invoicing will be completely changed by the introduction of computerized methods. We feel sure that you will understand that it is uneconomic for us to retrain our long-standing employees who might find difficulty in adjusting to new ways of working.

In your new post you will find ample scope for your experience. I know you will do a good job and hope you will find it enjoyable.

Yours sincerely,

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