Announcing A Change In Sales Policy

Below is sample letter announcing a change in sales policy to customer :

Interoffice Memorandum

Starting July 5, there will be an extra charge of USD50 for all next-day-
deliveries from Warehouse Equipment. This is due to an increase in the charges
of our delivery vendor for rush deliveries. We have considered changing to a
cheaper delivery service, but have not found one of equal reliability.

Obviously the extra charge is not a selling point, but it does underscore
Warehouse Equipment’s commitment to delivering your order on time.

At Warehouse you can get second hand but good office equipment for a truly affordable
price. We are committed to providing value and the best customer service in

We could cut corners by using a less reliable delivery system. But we prefer
to be known for providing value and being on time.

When you make your sales presentations, do not be afraid to discuss this new
charge. Explain that it is a benefit to work with a company committed to on-
time delivery.

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