Announcing New Products With Rush Delivery For The Price Of Regular

Dear Sir,

Like-New Piano Restoration Services is pleased to announce it will now be able
to offer products from the In Tune with Pianos catalogue.

As a licensed distributor of these products, Like-New Piano will be able to
get your rush delivery for the price of regular delivery on any products we
order for you through the catalogue. The products offered include top-quality
replacement keys and pedals, springs and music holders, as well as music lamps
and metronomes.

You will love being able to get these great piano parts and accessories from
the same group that has provided you with expert tuning and repair services
for years. I am enclosing a copy of the most recent In Tune catalogue.
Remember, if you wish to order anything, we can get you rush delivery for the
price of regular.

Thank you for your continued business. We look forward to providing you with
this new offering.


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