Closing To Overcome High Price Objection

Dear Sir,

Diamonds are forever. Every woman knows it, and many dream of that perfect
diamond anniversary ring. It’s even more special if it comes in a ABC Company

That little box seems to cost more. But in reality, when you buy from ABC
Company you’re getting more than extra brownie points with your loved one.
You’re getting a guarantee of the highest quality materials and workmanship.
You’re getting our promise of the highest level of customer service. And
you’re getting exclusive designs that could only come out of our workshop.

Listen to some things our clients say:

“My wife loved her anniversary band from ABC Company. She was excited as soon
as she saw the little black box.”

“I love the peace of mind I get buying from a jewelry that’s so committed to
quality and service.”

“It’s for my wife, but I think it’s gorgeous, too. ABC Company designs are
truly out of this world.”

When you buy from ABC Company, you will satisfy yourself and your loved one.


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