Congratulation Letter For Award

What is the example congratulatory letter for award recipient?

How do you congratulate someone for receiving an award?

  1. Allow yourself an exclamation point
  2. Keep your congratulations email to the  point
  3. Relay the good news to others


1) Allow yourself an exclamation point…or even two!

Congratulations e-mails are as likely an opportunity as ever for exclamation points. As markers of enthusiasm, intensity, and surprise, the exclamation point is far more personal than other marks of punctuation. No semicolon will ever be as heartfelt or as genuine.

An exclamation point at the beginning of the e-mail sets a buoyant tone and resonates throughout the text, while an exclamation at the end has all the fanfare of a positive send-off. Exclamation points can also close compliments and good wishes, or declarations of heightened emotion.

They are like a friendly pat on the back! They feel good!! But, as always, do not overdo it. Too many exclamations marks conflict with one another. Rather than augmenting heartfelt intensity, they can have the opposite effect—calling easy, excessive emotion in question.

2) Keep your congratulations e-mail to the point

As with other personal business e-mail, three or four sentences are all you need. State what the accomplishment is so that it is clear to the reader that you know what you are talking about. Then modify the accomplishment in one or two sentences—express your enthusiasm, amplify the significance, and/or draw attention to the payoff of challenging work. Conclude the e-mail by expressing your goodwill and/or good wishes.

3) Relay the good news to others

Sometimes your coworkers will be loath to toot their own horn, even when it is to their advantage. Showing off is one thing, acknowledging the results of demanding work or even good luck is another. If you think you should spread the good news, do it. Department newsletters, intranet publications, and meeting announcements are potential sources of diffusion. Your coworker will be relieved that someone else took the initiative while you will benefit from building camaraderie in the firm.

This is the sample congratulation letter for award. It shows how do you congratulate someone for receiving an award :

Your Name
Company Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Recipient Name
Organization Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Recipient Name:

We have just been informed that you have been awarded the PEN TOP PRIZE for Best Novelist of the year. Congratulations to you!  We are proud to be the publisher of your award-winning book “Live healthy”.

We are holding our Annual Dinner at the KL Hilton on 01 June at 8:00 P.M. and we would like you to be our Guest of Honor. Our staff are all very keen to meet you in person. You may not believe it, but some of them have not met you yet. Please let me know whether you can make it to our dinner. Thank you.


Your Name

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