Complaint Regarding Bad Packing

This is the sample letter of complaint regarding bad packing.

Dear Sirs,

The carpet supplied to our order number 12345 of o1 July was delivered by your forwarder this morning.

We noticed that one of the outer edges of the wrapping has been worn through, presumably as a result of friction in transit. When we took off the wrapping it was not surprising to find that the carpet itself was soiled and slightly frayed at the edge.

This is the second time in 3 weeks that we have had cause to write to you about the same matter. We find it hard to understand why precautions could not be taken to prevent a repetition of the earlier damage.

Although other carpets have been delivered in good condition, this second experience within such a short time suggests the need for special precautions against friction when carpets are packed onto your delivery vehicles. We hope that you will bear this in mind in handling our future orders.

In view of the condition of the present carpet we cannot offer it for sale at the normal price and propose to reduce our selling price by 5%. We suggest that you make us an allowance of 5% on the invoice cost. If you cannot do this, we shall have to return the carpet for replacement.

Yours faithfully,

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