Selling A Development Community

Dear Mrs. Selina,

Like you, we have been distressed to read in the Daily Bugle about the apparent increase in break-ins and vandalism that have disrupted our lovely and once crime-free town. Not a few residents have considered moving and leaving behind friendships and associations built over many years, even generations.

If you are having such reservations yourself, I assure you that there is a better answer. My 22 year-old firm, Ace Real Estate, which you are familiar with as a local business, has just signed a contract to act as agent for Golden Acres, a complex of fine town houses being constructed in the wooded section of nearby Highland Hills. Not only will these gracious homes be attractive and reasonably priced, but they will offer the very bes in state-of-the-art security and trouble-free living – and close to the friends and acquaintances who are already dear to you.

May I make an appointment to show you in person and at your convenience what Golden Acres could coffer you? There is no obligation, of course.


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