Insurance Letters

There are many types of insurance. Some are required by law, like motor insurance. The rest are taken voluntarily to insure against things like theft, fire and accident.

For most cases, ready-made forms are used in insurance procedures. However, often letters are necessary to get the process going or to clarify matters. Terms like premium, claim, risk and policy are used in the sample letters.

Sometimes there is confusion concerning the words Assurance and Insurance. Suffice to say that Assurance is just a type of insurance that deal with events that must necessary happen sooner or later, such as death. Hence we sometimes hear of the term Life Assurance. Insurance, on the other hand, deals with mainly with contingencies, such as fire and accident. Often though Insurance is used to mean both Insurance and Assurance.

  1. Inquiry about life insurance
  2. Reply from insurance company
  3. Applying for life insurance policy
  4. Accepting proposal for life insurance
  5. Sending policy and premium receipt
  6. Request for comprehensive insurance
  7. Refusing to provide comprehensive insurance
  8. Request for personal accident insurance
  9. Reply to enquiry about personal accident insurance
  10. Quotation for personal accident insurance
  11. Refusing to provide personal accident insurance
  12. Reminder for payment of insurance premium
  13. Request for traveling insurance
  14. Quotation for traveling insurance
  15. Refusing to provide travelling insurance
  16. Request for motor insurance
  17. Quotation for motor insurance
  18. Refusing to provide motor insurance
  19. Insuring valuable articles
  20. Quotation for insuring valuable articles
  21. Making a claim under a personal accident policy
  22. Making a claim under a life insurance policy
  23. Making a claim under a comprehensive policy
  24. Reminder of claim
  25. Reply to claim
  26. Approval of claim
  27. Rejection of claim
  28. Reminder for renewal of policy
  29. Changing a policy
  30. Renewing a policy
  31. Cancelling a policy
  32. Surrendering a policy
  33. Informing insurance company of motor accident
  34. Applying for loan against insurance policy
  35. Reply to loan application
  36. Granting loan against insurance policy
  37. Refusing loan against insurance policy
  38. Insurance company intimating about dishonor of a cheque
  39. Letter informing about due date of the premium
  40. Joint insurance
  41. Asking for insurance policies
  42. Letter to an insurance company regarding nomination or assignment
  43. Requesting the insurance company for a paid up policy
  44. Insurance of goods against all risks
  45. Asking for travelling insurance
  46. Complaint regarding an insurance policy


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