Sales Letters

Selling is one of the most personal aspects of any business that has products or services to offer the public. Personality plays an important role. Some people are “born” salespersons and are successful on the strength of their own charismatic appeal. Other people, perhaps more experienced and knowledgeable, have to struggle to make sales because they are less affable and congenial than some of their colleagues. One area of letter writing in which you can improve your relationship with prospective customers and clients relates to personal letters and notes you may send in a casual way. Below are sample letters for sales letters you can use.

  1. Enclosing Newspaper Clipping
  2. Selling a service – marketing
  3. Responding to request for information
  4. Turning down prospective business
  5. Offering special services and discounts
  6. Selling a development community
  7. Soliciting new customers – interior decorating
  8. Soliciting new customers – lending library
  9. Soliciting new customers – insurance
  10. Letter to purchasers of similar products
  11. Wooing competitor’s customer – special offer
  12. Offering local business employee discounts – stationery
  13. Announcing new line of products
  14. To a satisfied customer – home furnishing
  15. Thank you note to new customer – home building products
  16. Thank you for referral – veterinarian
  17. Free service call
  18. Repair problem – offering discount
  19. Stimulating sales with a giveaway – food products
  20. Special offer to qualify customers
  21. Announcing a change of address
  22. Promoting consulting service – a seasonal message
  23. Selling a service to marketing
  24. Selling a service – collection agency
  25. Transmittal letter – catalog
  26. Sofa-cum double bed
  27. Sales appeal to economy
  28. Sales appeal to sympathy
  29. Sales appeal to comfort
  30. Sales appeal to health
  31. Offer to a newly established trader
  32. Offer to new home owners
  33. Offer of a demonstration
  34. Sample sales letter accompanying a catalogue
  35. Sales letter accompanying a renewal notice
  36. Sales letter adding a bigwig to a prospect tour
  37. Sales letter announcing a sales contest
  38. Announcing a change in sales policy
  39. Announcing an ad campaign to sales staff
  40. Announcing a new catalogue
  41. Announcing new products with rush delivery for the price of regular
  42. Announcing a price decrease
  43. Announcing a price increase
  44. Approaching new contact at current client company
  45. Approaching new management after old management rejection
  46. Asking for a testimonial letter
  47. Avoiding a business sales pitch
  48. Closing to overcome business is bad now objection
  49. Closing to overcome customers don’t ask for your product objection
  50. Closing to overcome high price objection

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